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Tasty Asian-inspired sharing platters in a surprising location

– Locavore –

A movement which aims to connect local farmers and food producers to the people. Our goal is to provide a unique experience to our customers by using local ingredients and applying modern cooking techniques to bring a new and innovative dining experience.


A Distinctive Space

Inspired by a modern factory model located in a crowded industrial zone of District 7, The Posh Duck Kitchen has a unique design that creates a modern yet cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

The open kitchen in The Posh Duck Kitchen is also a highlight that customers can hardly ignore. Here, the diners will both enjoy the dishes at the table and be able to observe our chefs deploying the latest cooking art in a modern kitchen space in accordance with the standard of 5-star hotels.

The Posh Duck Kitchen, in the back lots of District 7, has everything it takes to make people travel for Asian-inspired cuisine made from locally-sourced ingredients

as nature teaches us

Growing up in Sri Lanka, Chef Nalinda Prabath started his cooking journey since the age of 10 because his mom had to go to work. Being fascinated by the beauty of culinary arts, Nalinda has been dedicating his last 15 years to train and work with professional head chefs from all over the world. He accumulates his style of cooking techniques with extensive knowledge of distinctive ingredients from many prestigious hotels and upscale restaurants including Symphony Restaurant in the Maldives, Hotel Sudu Araliya in Sri Lanka, and Hotel Earls Chateau in Sri Lanka.
His cooking techniques reflect his passion for food, his knowledge of the local ingredients executed with advanced techniques; which highlights the distinctiveness of the local ingredients and elevates the overall palette to bring a fresh tasting profile for the guests.
Nalinda now is the Head Chef at The Posh Duck Kitchen where he and his team are striving to bring the “Locavore” dining experience to customers.

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Nalinda Prabath


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